Meet the Contributors


Sherie Carter

Sherie, born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, spent her childhood sewing dresses, blankets, and everything in between. She went on to study Business Administration at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University. After completing a Retail Management internship at Nordstrom in the Bay area, she realized she wanted to add innovation to the e-commerce industry. She was lead to General Assembly through an alumnae and is constantly working on projects to improve the experience and efficiency of small e-commerce sites.


Andrew Cordivari

Andrew grew up in New Jersey and studied entrepreneurship at Fordham University. He quickly joined the startup scene in Manhattan through a variety of marketing and business development internships before finding a great fit at an analytic startup. Andrew began dabbling in web development and design while serving as community manager for Jamplify, and he learned a great deal from witnessing the work ethic and process-driven work ethic of the companies' lead developers. After exploring different industries and developing a clearer vision for the future, he committed to a future in web development and joined a web development immersive program at General Assembly's San Francisco campus. He has spent time learning from an international community of individuals covering cross-cultural perspectives and community-driven initiatives.


Lisa Olson

Lisa grew up in the small town of Tulare, California. She attended Hillsong International Leadership College after high school and received a certificate in Vocal Performance. She then discovered her passion of combining the arts with Math, which lead her to pursue Computer Science. After two years pursuing a degree in Computer Science, she decided to take the alternate route of attending a coding bootcamp in San Francisco to pursue Web Development. She hopes to create web apps that cna bring change through the combination of logic and art.


William Namen

I was born in El Salvador and moved to the United States when I was a child. My family settled down in Jacksonville, Florida where I spent my youth building in my backyard, playing soccer, and going to the beach. I attended the University of North Florida and graduated with a BBA in Finance and a Minor in Economics. After working in the Finance industry for the past 2 years, I decided it was time realize my passion in tech. So, I moved to San Francisco to join a coding bootcamp to accelerate my career change. After completing App Academy's Bootcamp Prep Program, I accepted an offer to join General Assembly's WDI Program which I am currently a student of.