Just Haiti


Just Haiti began in 2006, modeled after a fair trade coffee company called Cafe Justo, which is near the Mexico/Arizona border and works to address the poverty and migration issues throughout Mexican communities. Just Haiti was officially formed as a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit in 2007 and works to implement a 'fair trade-plus' model where the Haitian farmers receive a great living wage.

Mission Statement:
Facilitating partnerships between subsistence coffee growers and exporters. The organization works 'with the most vulnerable and economically at-risk communities, who would not otherwise have access to our technical assistance and market development.' Just Haiti pays the price for the fair trade coffee up front without reductions, and then the organization exports, roasts, packages, and sells the coffee. All profits go directly to the growers and their families. Protecting Haiti’s fragile environment, using environmentally sustainable packaging.