Konbit Mizik

At-Risk Youth

In creole, 'konbit' means the act of community, and mizik means music. KB is a NYS 501(c)3 non profit that began shortly after the 2010 earthquake.

Mission Statement:
This orgnaization's misison statement is grounded in the following tenants. Harnessing the universal power of music to empower, educate, and uplift haiti’s most vulnerable youth is the main focus.. Konbit Mizik provides free production, video, and career management services to local, underground musical artists in Haiti. They also provide educational and vocational training workshops on professional skills, life skills, music, and academics. Finally, Konbik Mizik works to mobilize communities throughout Haiti with collective action to address local problems and uplift those least fortunate. At a minimum 75% or more of budget goes towards program services, and a 3rd party accountant in a multi-lingual office audits, reviews, and authorizes all expenses.